And then you find suddenly a tiger cub between the post

We will send all parcel with the post, but one shipper went many steps too far. In Mexico discovered customs officials that someone has a live tiger cub was trying to send with the post.

No one realized that there was a tiger cub in the post was, until a dog passed by, who was looking for contraband. He began to bark at the box and the customs officials decided to open it. Some of the shocked agents have filmed the moment they are the cub out of the bowl and shrugged.


It turned out afterwards that the animal from the Mexican city of Jalisco to Queretaro was sent. By car it takes about 4.5 hours to go that distance. The tijgertje was also dehydrated. Further, it was the cub is healthy.

The animal would not be illegally smuggled. Because the cub, however, in such horrible conditions, transported was, they took the animal can still be seized due to animal cruelty. The tijgertje will now have a home in a nearby zoo.

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