Wife takes over leadership of accused The Peacock

9626d6ee44f3d4f333174fce514e1373 - Wife takes over leadership of accused The Peacock

Bart de Pauw, Belgian tv-maker who is accused of sexual misconduct, is put aside by Cakes!, his own production company.

According to Belgian media, the guidance now in the hands of his wife. The Peacock, which is the popular quiz Two to the sixth power presented, came this fall into disrepute because of cross-border sexual behavior. Station VRT decided then the cooperation to suspend.

The quiz will soon be back with a new presenter. VRT announced the collaboration with productiehuis Koeken Troef! to want to continue.

Against The Peacock runs a criminal investigation. He would be on a ” playful and flirty way it dealt with female colleagues. This would have been intimidated have felt; the attention would gradually stalking are similar.

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