“Who is the travel expert?’ with Geraldine and Chris

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“Who is the travel expert?’ with Geraldine and Chris

Geraldine Kemper and Chris Zegers behind the National Reistestdesk. / Annemieke van der Togt

Are you a true travel expert? Wednesday night you can test yourself during The National Reistest.

How to taste the local delicacy of testicles? And how will a forbidden dance on the other side of the world? These are questions that Wednesday night just passed in The National Reistest of BNNVARA. Chris Zegers (today 47) and Geraldine Kemper (28) lead to the tv viewer, and seven other CELEBRITIES by 25 questions. The seasoned reisduo test our knowledge of geography, culture, do’s and don’ts, visa & facts and communication on the trip. At home, we can of course – through the NPO3-app – play. Metro spoke to the two 3 on Trip-presenters in a coffee – and sapzaak in Amsterdam.

Level Patricia Mine

Kemper (3 on a Trip since 2012) presents The National Reistest for the second time, Gerard’s (for seventeen years travel programs) makes his debut. The Metro reporter played edition 2015 this week and came up with thirteen good answers. With the number 7 – he was on the level of Patricia Mine. “Pretty good, right? With who 7 – are you really not so strange,” says Kemper. Gerard says: “In high school, I was overjoyed with this figure. The National Reistest is really not easy, you know.” Kemper: “It is a just a nice refresher. By means of the 25 questions pull you take over the world.”

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Geraldine Kemper has a fish to catch. / BNNVARA

‘The journey’ for Chris Zegers. “It can, in so many ways. The a attracts backpackend around, the other loves to be on one place to stay. How you feel is reflected in the way in which you are travelling.” Zegers has straight a travel warning: “the danger is that you Nederlandbril ceases. You can better just let it go. Then you will experience your trip in a pure way. The art of travel is to be open and neutral on the road. Try something to do what you don’t will make.”

More traveller than presenter

Look, the experienced tone for the reistest. Kemper goes on to say: “Yes, go there open in. Just ask the locals where you should be. Who know that the best. So we do that also with 3 on a Trip. We make things real. That is the strength of the program. We inspire people to do something.” Gerard says: “In the program, we are more traveller than a presenter.”

Chickens on my lap

Chris Zegers travels since his sixteenth year. “By train and I went with a buddy by France. Then it is not stopped. In his twenties, I’ve also in Asia lived. As a Dutchman it is a valhalla to from Singapore to discover the surrounding area. You are going to cross the border and you’re in the jungle. You can grab a boat and you sit on a particular island. I got on a bus, and already there were chickens on my lap: I saw where I came out. When I travel, I am extremely in my element. The less planning I do, the finer I can find it.”

Chris Zegers travels. / BNNVARA

Geraldine Kemper is originally from Volendam, the fishing village from which the population in the summer flock to the Italian lake Garda attracts. They are not. “I didn’t understand that you go to a place where the people from the village also attended. That your neighbor in the tent next to you. I began what was to later travel with than Chris and I am also always but a certain period of time away. Three weeks or a month at the most. But actually, I still have a while to remain in the place where I am. And I am now already since november at home, haha! I have a lot of meaning to again, mind your step to hear.”

No smartphones

The Amsterdam will soon be departing to Mexico to make the trip that her mother in 1986. “They told us that they are from payphones, and occasionally communicated with home. How different is it now, eh? Barely able to communicate, that seems to me quite tasty.” Zegers: “Bizarre actually that we now travel constantly in contact with everything and everyone. We don’t travel more to the second or third world, but to wi – fi or not wi-fi world. In Patagonia I had last for the first time in a long time absolutely no range. It was valuable for my experience.” Kemper: “It is also up to yourself to your mobile, that thing, occasionally, to put down, eh. In Brazil I had also somewhere not range. Other tourists puzzled, not that that was possible.”

Cambodian snack bar

Back to The National Reistest. Why would we possibly need to know how testicles taste like? Kemper understands that: “If you are at a place where that’s a delicacy, it is still very exciting to discover it? Still, it’s nice to know why the people there are so nice?” Gerard says: “As I have been in Cambodia recently, rat eaten.” Kemper: “it Was what?” Gerard says: “Along the side of the road sold someone grilled snakes, grilled rat, grilled scorpions, insects, the entire rambam. It was a Cambodian snack bar along the way. In the Netherlands I will buy a ball chopped in a gas station, there is a lot rat to tell a story.” Kemper: “Look, well, that is to travel.”

The seven CELEBRITIES that The National Reistest play. / Annemieke van der Togt

CELEBRITIES, and win a trip

The seven CELEBRITIES who is the travel expert of 2018 would be his rapper Willie Gibberish, Miss Holland, Nicky Opheij, comedian Thomas van Luyn, volleybalster Laura Dijkema, YouTuber Kaj Gorgels, programme maker Kees van der Spek and presenter Gerda Havertong. Viewers will be able to two tickets win. Geraldine Kemper spin a wheel to determine where to go: Jamaica is possible… but also Belgium. Kemper: “Haha, cool and exciting, huh?” The National Reistest is Wednesday at 20.30 hours at BNNVARA on NPO 3.

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