Was Jack the Ripper cut throat Dutch sailor Hendrik de Jong?

e5d783fc739261a0121278aa68fdbdae - Was Jack the Ripper cut throat Dutch sailor Hendrik de Jong?

London – Jack the Ripper, the man who, in 1888, five prostitutes murdered in London, was the Dutch sailor Hendrik de Jong. That reports at least the British tabloid The Sun Wednesday. The newspaper is based on historian Jan Bondeson, The Young unmask as the world famous serial killer.

According to The Sun, which speaks of ’a sinister Dutch seaman, killed The Young after his killings in the British capital, two of his ex-wives and he made, moreover, two other victims in Belgium.

At the time of the high-profile murders in London, The Young as a steward who worked on a ship that back and forth run between Rotterdam and London. In that way, he might be the perfect escape route. Afterwards, he put on the flight to the United States. There he was executed for the murders in Belgium and the Netherlands. But that he actually was responsible for even more murders, that did the American court is not, writes The Sun.

According to Bondeson was the Dutchman at the time to be known that he regularly prostitutes visited. He was also described as a pathological liar without empathy with an obsession for women. “He knew England and London well, spoke fluent English and fits perfectly in the picture of unscrupulous vrouwenmoordenaar. As a sailor he was in an ideal position to pass unnoticed murders to commit.” According to Bondeson, the dates that De Jong was in London, in keeping with the dates the women were murdered.

In 1888, were in a four-month period, five women are butchered in London’s Whitechapel. The victims were all horribly mutilated. The identity of the perpetrator, that by British media, until Jack the Ripper was christened, is never outdated.

The Young is not the first name that pops up. So claimed the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday in 2014 the identity to have overtaken the notorious serial killer. According to the newspaper, was a Polish immigrant, Aaron Kosminski, as well as is definitely the culprit. He was one of the six hoofdverdachten.

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