Viewers fear the depopulation in the Family

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There are the past months, various characters left with Family. Than we think of course immediately to Linda, Wim, Leen, Faroud and Viv, played by Hilde Van Wesepoel, David Michiels, Cathérine Kools, Begir Memeti and Ini Massez. The viewers of the Family are the depopulation in the Family tired and writing on the social media a lot of critical comments about their favorite soap. Due to some recent events, are they in fear, that there will be more heads rolling. What is the future of Stan (Kristof Verhassel) out now to a rift has come between him and Evy (Marianne Devriese)? And also between Véronique (Sandrine André) and Mathias (Peter Bulckaen) seems to be the love about and from. Disappear, Stan and Mathias soon from Family? Tv Family was looking for one and another. According to Wim Feyaerts, the producer of Family, the on all sides. “Look, when a particular storyline at the end is – a relationship, for example – that does not necessarily mean that the viewers had to say goodbye to a character’, says Feyaerts in Tv Family. “`In this case, all the directions go, though. The rivalry between Lars and Mathias, and the jealousy of Stan opposite Maarten to keep it exciting,” concludes Feyaerts. And thus says Feyaerts not that Stan and Mathias leave but also not that in the future they just in the soap opera continue. Actor Peter Bulckaen set his fans at ease: ‘Mathias remains present in the `Family’. For how long? That is, the future will show.

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