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Val you are always on busy men? This is the reason

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Val you as a woman often occupied men? There is an explanation for it. According to a new study women men namely more attractive by other women asked.

Scientists from the universities of St. Andrews, Durham and Exeter suggest in their study that a man who occupied by women is seen as a more friendly person, a trustworthy person and a better father. He gives it a kind of boost in attractiveness.


The researchers wanted to the phenomenon of ‘mate choice copying’ under the microscope explain, the idea that someone can make his or her choice to change and is based on the choice of someone else. This could explain that you are a potential romantic partner for singles who are already busy.

In the study were 49 women asked to take pictures of mannengezichten, mannenhanden and a work of art to rate. They had all the images a number.

Then they got to hear what the average figure was that the photos were, and they were allowed the images to re-evaluate. And then it happened what the researchers expected: the women applied their second assessment on the average given figure. Research leader Kate Cross says that it seems as if women are the preferences of other women to adopt, but rather that the results can also be explained by the tendency of people to keep their opinions to be swayed.

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