Trumps confidant Rob Porter get on

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WASHINGTON – A confidante of the American president Donald Trump on Wednesday his resignation, offered after a disclosure in The Daily Mail. The British magazine wrote on its website that Rob Porter, who in the staff of the White House working as a secretary, two ex-wives emotionally and physically abused. He denies these accusations, but is it wiser to leave.

Porter’s second wife, Jennifer Willoughby says in the interview with the tabloid that her former husband had difficulty to control, and her once furiously under the shower from the peloton and against her rampage was gone. She asked after their separation to a restraining order after Porter against the restraints in her had looked up and the glass in the door had smashed.

’Rough treatment’

Colbie Holderness, with whom Porter was first married, he told her “verbally, emotionally and physically rough handled. During a holiday in Italy, she was beaten, leaving them in Florence with a blue eye around them. Holderness produced a photo as evidence.

According to the boulevardpers is Porter (40) recently, a relationship began with his colleague, Hope Hicks, head of public relations of the White House.

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