Trump to put in the ’Memo-gate’

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Washington – ’Memo-gate’ tearing up Washington. After the release of a Republican memo about questionable investigation methods of the FBI, is now president Trump to decide whether the Democratic ’tegenmemo’ also the light may see. The Democrats are threatening a crisis if Trump the disclosure prevents.

In the meantime deliberation, the lawyers of Trump or must be entered at the request of the special prosecutor in the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller, to the president to be examined. Trumps lawyers would not advocate. There is, according to sources from The New York Times fear that Trump is too long it will dwell, and in so doing will contradict.

The lawyers are with the team of Mueller in conversation about what type of questions to the president will be and whether a section shall be answered in writing. Trump had previously indicated would like with Mueller to speak to ” all of the misunderstandings in this witch hunt to disprove.

If Trump do not cooperate, Mueller him try to sue. According to Trump, gives the memo of the Republican Congressman Devin Nunes to that in the study of the Russian interference in the elections and the links between Team Trump and Moscow people work on the hand of Hillary Clinton.

Nunes states that it is the Democrats themselves that Russian sources used, so that the dossier by the British former secret agent Christopher Steele could be established in which Trump without proof, accused of golden showers in Moscow and Trump representative Carter Page was dismissed as a spy for the Kremlin.

The Steele case, that was paid by the Democrats, would the FBI have been used for a rechtbankaanvraag to Page to be allowed to follow, is to read in the memo from Nunes that he fielded after the findings of the inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives where he is chairman. Nunes wants that Clinton is still being examined and said that there are more memos, with explosive revelations on coming.

What is in the memo from the Democrats, is still secret. It is on the desk of Trump, who within five days, must decide whether the public may be made. The White House says the same safety considerations as well as the Republican memo.

The Democrats will be in their memo probably be argued that businessman Page with his Russian connections already on the radar of the FBI. They also indicate that the surveillanceverzoek for Page multiple times is extended by the court, and that only if during the draining of new information has surfaced.

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