Trump organizes a military parade

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The American president Donald Trump, the Pentagon has assigned to a private military parade in the other hand. That confirms the White House. Trump would reportedly under the impression of the parade during the French national day in Paris last year.

“He has the ministry of Defence prompted a celebration to see in which all Americans their appreciation can show,” says spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. According to her, is Trump the military very grateful. A spokesman from the Pentagon confirmed the plans.

The newspaper Washington Post was the first to cross the parade to messages. The newspaper wrote that Trump about a meeting on 18 January with a few generals in the Pentagon. “The orders a march were: I want a parade like that in France,” quoted the newspaper, an anonymous legerfunctionaris.

The parade on the French national holiday on 14 July last year, on the Champs-Elysées in the French capital, was led by a contingent of 145 American soldiers. That way, it was remembered that the United States when a hundred years ago, in addition to France in the First world War got.

There is still no date for the planned parade. Possibilities are Memorial Day on may 28, the American national holiday on the 4th of July or Veterans Day on november 11, our wapenstilstandsdag. The Pentagon would have a preference for the latter date, partly because that day coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the end of the First world War, according to the Washington Post.

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