Trump: ‘Happy new shutdown if no immigratiedeal’

3ffaaca15cb496ebd9d4a2f7cf80b200 - Trump: ‘Happy new shutdown if no immigratiedeal’

Donald Trump would like to have a new shutdown see ” if the Congress do not even touch on the immigratiehervormingen. That has the American president said on Tuesday, in the light of the negotiations between Republicans and Democrats over a new federal budget.

“If we, the law does not change, if we the loopholes does not close, allowing murderers to our country and continue to murder… If we don’t change, then let’s but a shutdown,” said Trump during a panel discussion in the White House. “It is worth it for our country. I would love to do a shutdown to see if this matter is not handle.’

The president signed a immigratiehervorming out that he’s been to the Conference sent.

That is, however, difficult to swallow for the Democrats, because the law provides funding for the construction of a limes wall with Mexico. In addition, it is also the so-called visaloterij shall be deleted and the rules for familieherenigingen sharpened. The reform also included a ‘path to citizenship’ controls for 1.8 million illegal immigrants who at a young age to the United States came, is again more difficult for the Republicans.

Two dayn

Trumps remarkable statement comes while the Republicans and Democrats on a new federal budget law work. Congress has until Thursday midnight (Friday morning 6 pm (Belgian time), red.) to approve a new shutdown is avoided. The temporary funding that on January 22, was voted after a shutdown of three days. It was already the fourth temporary budget since september.

The president now seems to expect that both parties are desperate for a new begrotingsimpasse to avoid. As he thinks them to convince people to also immigratieplannen to approve it.

In response, says the minderheidsleider in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi that a shutdown ” is the last that America needs’.

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