Thirty thousand visitors for documentary Lex Expression

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The documentary Nao ’t Zuuje of BNNVARA-presenter Lex Expression has in a month’s time more than 30,000 visitors to the cinemas pulled out. The regional documentary about carnival (carnaval) is number 17 in the ranking of most visited films in the Netherlands.

Nao ’t Zuuje runs in 22 venues in the Netherlands, mainly in the province of Limburg where the in the regional language, recorded movie a mega-hit. Nao ’t Zuuje was last year included in Venlo, where the Lex Express prince carnival was. The documentary of Rob Hodselmans and producer Pieter Kuijpers portrays ten brought and let on the basis of their personal stories at the core of carnival and see the impact of the tradition.

Lex Expression: “Carnival, or carnaval, as many people call it is every year, the social highlight of the south. In an entourage of home-made costumes and built carnavalswagens sings the entire province in its own regional language, during four days, the great treasure vastelaovesliedjes. It is a social pressure cooker in which a whole city, town or village together. Everyone is part of it. That I wanted to be very like to show everyone.”

Crystal Film

Earlier this month, made the documentary already has the status of Crystal Film. Nao ’t Zuuje is the first Crystal Film of this year, where 10.000 paying visitors.

BNNVARA forward Thursday night at 21.45 hours, a shortened version of 50 minutes on NPO 3.

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