The great fear of Patser-director Adil El Arbi

The great fear of Patser-director Adil El Arbi

The film “Patser” is both in Flanders and in the Netherlands a huge success. Director Adil El Arbi talk in TV Family about the success of the film but also about his great fear.

It is hard for the duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Their film “Patser” lures lot of viewers to the cinema. Adil El Arbi calls it the “ultimate Flemish Hollywood gangster film”. El Arbi gives TV Family that they also become aware for weeks in advance on a hype tried to create around the movie. And that’s pretty successful.

Of course you can then also immortal ridicule if the film is for the viewers to be a disappointment things will turn out, but that was fortunately not. The movie was even better start than had been hoped for. In Flanders Patser after two weekends already 163.000 visitors, but also in the Dutch box office is Patser on the second place.

And Patser is by no means an endpoint for Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. In the meantime, they are in America to work on the prestigious Bad Boys III. Because in America, they are showered with compliments. The “Steven Spielberg of Molenbeek” is El Arbi there called. What does so much success with a man?

It really is “the shit” to such penalty compliments to get, but Adil El Arbi also realize that you are in America only as good as your last film. And that thought scares him sometimes. “Black” in America it’s not badly done, but something that has proven in Hollywood, they have not yet. And all those compliments make Adil El Arbi are sometimes a little afraid. What if they fail? If your movie flopped in America, you stand back nowhere. Yet they have there is good hope, and they can only work hard and do their best.

Adil El Arbi is also an example for many Moroccan young people. But there must be El Arbi, however, still laugh about it… he Uses not too much profanity to be a good example, laughs El Arbi TV Family. But it is true that he does his job as good as possible, try to do, and it shows you your dreams in life can achieve… And that is a positive message that everyone wanted to give.

Adil El Arbi broke in 2014 by when he The Smartest Man in the World, but in the meantime, he has particularly made a name with his films “Black” and “Patser”.

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