The choice of Jan Verheyen: The Big Sick

A new week, a new filmtip of Jan Verheyen: this time choose Jan for a sparkling romcom, ” The Big Sick’.

Meaning in a film, but have no idea what you want to see? Jan Verheyen enjoys a helping hand. Each week he gives here a filmtip! This week: The Big Sick!

The ‘Big Sick’ is about the difficult and by ethnic and cultural differences stroke love between a Pakistani stand-up comedian and an American student Emily. That does not sound nice, but don’t be mistaken: The ‘Big Sick’ is a sweet, sparkling romantic comedy with fun dialogue and great acting, particularly by Zoe Kazan as Emily.

Director: Michael Showalter

Cast: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan and Holly Hunter

The ‘Big Sick’ is until march 7, 2018 to rent in the On-demand catalogue of Proximus TV.

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