The Buurtpolitie say goodbye to superintendent Tineke

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Today, Wednesday, February 7, Nicoline Hummel the last time on the set of the Buurtpolitie. In september of 2018 take the fans a farewell to the actress, who is superintendent Tineke plays in the series. The character will from tomorrow, Thursday 8 February, still a part-time role. A new character, chief inspector Lotte Fishermen, the other half for her account.
From the tenth season, which starts in september 2018, will Tineke is no longer a part of the corps, even though a return is not excluded. Superintendent Lotte is in each case starting this fall, a duo with inspector Koen, played by Andy Peelman.

Nicoline returns since the start of the series in 2013, form to superintendent Tina. She is since then a duo with Inspector Koen. Tineke falls in the series because of her enthusiasm and humor. In the episode of Thursday 8 February, she asks commissioner Roger to slow down a little and get the team part-time amplification of a different superintendent, Lotte. In season 10 will Tineke for the time being not more to see.
“They were four incredible years. I had been at the start of the first season never expected The Buurtpolitie so great a success would be. I look with the smile back on this adventure, but want me now to focus on the future. As an actress, I want to after all everything tasted. My break at The Buurtpolitie makes sure that I can commit to other projects, but Tina is in my heart so nothing closes that I ever again will be shown in The Buurtpolitie,” says Nicoline.
Kris Spaepen, Managing Director at Zodiak Belgium: “It was very fine Nicoline all those years on the set. Or there are now rotated on a hot summer day, or they spend hours in the harsh cold and frosty winds outside had to stand for a following scene: every time knew ‘Tina’ with a good dose of humor in the hearts of many viewers to nest.”

The Buurtpolitie team welcomes a new character: chief inspector Lotte Fishermen. The attentive Buurtpolitie-viewer recognizes Lotte as the half-sister of Inspector Koen. She has last year for a guest appearance played in the series. When there is a half-time function is released in the corps of commissioner Roger, turns out She is the ideal candidate. It is from this season, alternating with superintendent Tina in a duo with the inspector Koen. From season ten forms half-brother and -sister duo.
The role of Lotte is played by Charlotte De Groof (30 years): “I’m very happy that I Buurtpolitie team should strengthen. I introduce a new character into the series and that I if She is the half sister of Inspector Koen play, just makes it even more special. I’m already a number of months with Andy on the set and it is good fun. Hopefully it feels the viewer.”

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