That this man is British, had you not thought

f2533054a9ef92af005d377a278ed87f - That this man is British, had you not thought

LONDON – The oldest British skeleton ever found, the Cheddar Man, is not of a white islander, but had a very dark skin color. This, scientists say that by using DNA from the skull was discovered. The skeleton is of someone who is about 10.000 years ago in the southwest of England lived. It was in 1903, in the county of Somerset found.

Researchers from University College London and the National History Museum say that the ’hunter and collector’, a dark to black skin, blue eyes and curly hair. The researchers think that the white skin pigment that in Northern Europe dominates the other, a much younger phenomenon than was first assumed. Today it would be about 10 percent of the native inhabitants of the British islands are closely related to Cheddar Man.

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