Temptation Island – seducer Alex sentenced for fight

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Realityster Alex M. from Breda, the cell must be in. The 27-year-old hunk, who last year was in the Flemish-Dutch program Temptation Island, has been sentenced to three months suspended prison sentence because he is a man in Roeselare two broken ribs has kicked in, reports news agency Belga.

The Public Prosecutor in Belgium accuses the Brabander especially his short-tempered character. From camera images, it appears that M. earlier that evening almost in a scuffle ended up during a disagreement over a pet.

M. got at the beginning of march 2017 during a night on the town arguing with another man because a shoarmazaak what they were looking for was closed. Alex was hungry and became angry when a stapgenoot him banned behind the wheel of his car to creep.

The victim is also a council member in Roeselare. He knew during the fight his car in to crawl and get away. Maas was that night out with other Temptation Island participants Danyla, Ken and Lise.

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