Tatyana Beloy clothes off for Ghent, West

7645207c554a5c55cf78c8e15a8a160c - Tatyana Beloy clothes off for Ghent, West

Wednesday start Four with Ghent West. In the gevangenisreeks there are a number of racy scenes with Tatyana Beloy and Charlotte Anne Bongaerts, that a lesbian couple play. “We were professional enough to us not from the lead to save”, says Tatyana in “het Nieuwsblad” about the erotically-tinged scenes. “Moreover, we are not the only two that are quite remarkable scenes had to do. The whole series is almost everyone out of the clothes gone.”
“Maybe it was there in the beginning some embarrassment to those racy scenes to play, but it felt so not,” said Charlotte Anne. “In the long term, were such scenes especially funny. Then we were on advance to figure out how we vastpakten and when one licked the breasts of the other.

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