Stay of Execution; dissatisfaction to revamp house

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Stay of Execution; dissatisfaction to revamp house

An uncomfortable situation on RTL4 Tuesday night ©Screenshot

You have pretty fur use to the RTL-program stay of Execution to end up. Karin, from Rotterdam is such a person. They bought 12 years ago a house in Rotterdam and got a relationship. The relationship, however, went out and the house was not finished by her klussende ex. And to make matters worse, touched, Karin is also her job to lose and she ended up deep in debt.

To the makers of stay of Execution the task to the suffering of Karin to soften and they grabbed considerably. The house had to be prepared to make the sale. With a team of handymen they went for the participant to get started and full of anticipation was the end result shown. The response was, to say the least, quite ungrateful. And Karin stuck out her disapproval about the metamorphosis are not under the chairs or sofas. They further noted that it was “not her taste” and that they sad it was that the skirting boards were not properly finished.

‘Not my taste’

The Rotterdam had been living for years in a shack after her ex-husband with only the upper floors had been occupied. A simple thank you was for Karin a lot too much effort. The house, which is ready for sale, could her not in the least please. Ingratitude is always very good at social media and the comments on Karin and her refurbished home, therefore, were also not tender.

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Curious how big the mess was, and how the house of Karin there before the renovation, looked like? Check out the entire episode back on RTLXL.

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