Snow paralyzes region of Paris

5a281823ca261db94351bc4d6ed259a2 - Snow paralyzes region of Paris

PARIS – The French railways have passengers in the Paris region called due to the snow their journey. Tuesday was the largest blanket of snow in thirty years time in the region. The bus is not an alternative, because in the Paris region there Wednesday morning and no bus more, report French media.

The road is in many places blocked by the snow. On a main road south of Paris, hundreds of people from Tuesday evening the whole night in their vehicles passed. The traffic on the main road N118 ran Tuesday at the end of the afternoon. Many people came more than ten hours stuck on this road through a forest southwest of Paris.

The ministry of Home Affairs and the police, people in the region are advised especially not to get in the car, but the huge traffic jams around Paris to show that this board by many, is followed. Certainly 1500 stranded travelers in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, collected in an emergency or in stations.

The approximately 15-cm-thick layer of snow has not only for the nuisance taken care of. A lot of people spread pictures of beautiful snow-covered plazas, or parks.

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