Sister Kim Jong-Un to the Olympics

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PYONGYANG – The younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is present at the opening of the Olympic Games in South Korea. Kim Yo-jong is the first of the ruling dynasty who set foot on South Korean soil. That has the South Korean ministry of Unification announced.

The visit can be seen as a symbolic gesture of Kim Jong-un to show that he is the current tentative rapprochement between the two koreas seriously. Kim Yo-jong and her result come Friday and stay three days.

Kim’s last year by her brother promoted to the political wing of the party. Her age is not known, but the woman is probably somewhere at thirty. She has the same mother as Kim Jong-un. The two grew up in the capital Pyongyang and went to the same boarding school in Switzerland. Together they had a half-brother, Kim Jong-nam. That is in February is poisoned at an airport in Malaysia and death.

Kim Yo-jong is following her promotion even closer to the centre of power in North Korea. It is considered as the most influential woman together with Kim’s wife, Ri Sol-ju. In the country are family ties very high esteem, even higher than title or rank.

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