Series on Four late gangster Danny Vanhamel look back on his misdaadcarrière

b4182287e4c1800981517296db689a23 - Series on Four late gangster Danny Vanhamel look back on his misdaadcarrière

“Better a bad character than no character.” It is one of the many one-liners, ex-mobster Danny Vanhamel at the best shows in the portrait that Peter Boeckx made for Four. The tv series “Ex-gangster” consists of four parts. The first episode is tomorrow night broadcast.

Danny Vanhamel was in 1994 sentenced to life imprisonment for the kidnapping of “Anthonyke”, the 11-year old son of industrialist Jan De Clerck. In 2004 he came early free, swore the crime and tried a new life as a driver in a Hilly thrift store. He took one last hit the headlines when in early 2017, a large (perhaps lighted) fire his villa in Lummen in ruins.

Today is Vanhamel thirteen years, and he worked every day for the cost. During his imprisonment he set his wife in a case that rolls supplies Limburg schools, a case that they are co-running. Although Peter Boeckx says that he Vanhamel not as a figure from a hollywood movie wants to show, the ex-villain in the first episode, yet a stage unto themselves, for to do as a cool peer, albeit with a bad character.

The only plausible reason why Vanhamel this public confession late decline on tv is probably because he plays a beautiful saw an opportunity for “his” story to tell, to also the “image” that he likes to be in the collective memory for future generations, that of a “great kid” who not to strafe stories shy.

One of those pain stories he legal partnership in the first episode of “Ex-gangster”, is about the robbery of a gang at the post office of Antwerp X on new year’s eve 1982. “They had no evidence”, he says about this. It turns out that the evidence for the process from the file were stolen. The suspected thief is now dead, and the crime, which is almost 300,000 euros brought, barred.

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