Selfiekid Ryan (13) world-famous

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Minneapolis – It was the most remarkable event during the sporting event in America: the Superbowl. Although the Philadelphia Eagles with the profit vanished, was the real winner of the 13-year-old Ryan McKenna. He scored the best selfie of the night: Justin Timberlake. “All of my friends continue to send me that I’m famous.”

Ryan, who during the American football final on Twitter was declared selfiekid, was for the SuperBowl is still a unknown boy from the equally unknown place Headed, in the U.s. state of Massachusetts. But now everybody knows his name.

What happened?

When Justin Timberlake during the intermission of the sporting event, a show gave, he walked towards the end of his performance the audience and he called everyone to selfies to take. Suddenly he stood next to Ryan, but to make matters worse, his phone is empty.

To movies is to see that Ryan seems to freeze. While the superstar him urges us to dance, tail the teenager nervous for his phone. The boy got his phone, he just talking and decided to take a selfie with Justin.

“I was speechless, this chance you only get once,” says Ryan to the American media. “So I went there just for that. Since then, my phone red hot. All of my friends continue to send me that I’m famous. I have suddenly a lot of followers on social media.”


On Twitter was #selfiekid soon trending. Partly due to Ryan’s uneasy attitude a lot of people asked on why he was in hell on his phone looked while the American superstar his attention early.

“If he ever won a Nobel prize wins, it doesn’t,” joked someone. “That child will have for the rest of his life known as ‘selfiekid’.”

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