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Scheidsrechtersbaas Verbist refutes re-criticism of ex-ref Gumienny

f7a29a79edc7007488a14e56a3825dd2 - Scheidsrechtersbaas Verbist refutes re-criticism of ex-ref Gumienny

Scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist on Wednesday again the criticism of ex-ref Serge Gumienny on the operation of the Referee Office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) rebutted.

“The insinuation that the rating of the referees to be adjusted after the broadcast of Extra Time is totally from the fanciful,” says Verbist in an official statement. Thus responds the scheidsrechtersbaas on a statement by the former arbitrator Gumienny. That was in the weekly magazine Humo let noted that the reviews of the performance of the refs, the day after the voetbalweekend were given, but a day later have already been reviewed. “Then they had Monday night to Extra Time looked,” said Gumienny, who said that the system has changed. “Now received referees and their assessment after the program.”

“Totally wild”, around Verbist. “The way of working of the Referee Office is a total mismatch with what the article describes. The quote of our referees by the designated Referee Observer on Monday morning will be forwarded to our secretariat. The Referee Office will analyze and discuss these grades on the basis of imagery. Then immediately contact the Referee Observer and the referee to the match to discuss,” explains Verbist.

It is not the first time that Verbist in a press release the declaration of Gumienny counterbalances. The ex-ref suggested late last month that Club Brugge influence on the indications.

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