Sad news for Angela Groothuizen

4a6512f49b3ba8b4df47ee319ec80efe - Sad news for Angela Groothuizen

‘Day dear mom. I miss you to heaven and back.’ So does Angela Groothuizen the death of her mother. this morning known.

The singer/tv presenter has days at the bedside of her mother, taken last Saturday by one stroke was struck. For Angela and her two brothers and two sisters in a huge battle, they were all fond of mater familias Ation that one of these days to the nursing home would go after them all those years themselves had lived.

The family is tight, Ation was proud of all her children, but enjoyed so much as Angela on the television and son Jos with the group Vulcano for years in the charts. “You’ve seen it, what was Angela again, well, hey. I had from one mesh to the other switch, she was on different channels at the same. Well, eh,” she said recently, proudly.

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