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REACTIONS. De Boeck considers that “best team out,” Clement hopes cup final against Club Brugge

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Glen De Boeck is this season, not accustomed to lose with KV Kortrijk and the former Red Devil had the Tuesday night after the 1-0 defeat in the Genk Luminus Arena very difficult with the elimination of his team.

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“I think the best team is,” said the City coach visibly excited after the match. “If the two races view, there should be but one team in the final and that we are. We were, however, not a good start, we could see the ball was not long enough in the team and then swallowing we even score a goal on a stationary phase. We know that Genk is strong at those times, but we are just stature too short. I can’t centimeters aanbreien.”

Only during the course of the first half could Kortrijk show why the previous thirteen races, under The Boeck nine times, was won. “From minute 25, we started to play football, but if you are then the opportunities do not finish, is the sad, disappointing, and acid. There were enough chances to take a draw to enforce. On the stage with Colley I want to come back: he was red need to get. I have the images already seen. He came with two feet of the ground and the people of Genk give. That was a pity, because against ten men we still had some kind of force.”

De Boeck guided Veekaa in a few months time, of the degradatiemoeras to the edge of the top six. “From Thursday, we put the focus on the match against Antwerp. We play three times at home, we want that POI-ticket pick up, we must not faint.”

Clement hopes cup final against Club Brugge

Philippe Clement took another but at the end of last year over at Racing Genk, but can with the Task, however, preparation for the cup final, on 17 march against Club Brugge or Standard.

“Of course I have a preference for Bruges, it would be nice to challenge friends to play,” said Clement. “Twenty years ago I as a player also as a final, that is a nice memory. That was my last game for Genk, it would be nice to re-live.”

For the People, it was a first final in a series of four, who also each were won. “It is certainly a topavond for the club, we are returned, in order to be able to experience. It was tight, in the end it was sink or swim.”

Clement was not in agreement with the analysis of his colleague Glen De Boeck, who had an undeserved elimination of Kortrijk. “I think that it’s about the two games are very similar lag. Today was the first half for us, at the end of the second half, we get problems because we’re too far achteruitleunden. There are also counters, and who are we playing again are not good. But I also see a lot of progress, there are more automatisms, and the building backward, there is ground-in. This opens perspectives for the future”, concluded the Genk coach.

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