Rapper wants to ’vulnerable film’ more positive image create

974aa4367afbe09b1ebbaf9d195954b6 - Rapper wants to ’vulnerable film’ more positive image create

The Dutch rapper Rasskulz, known from the duo Gooise Goons, along with actor William Guides made a short film.

The film Macho tells about a boy who should not cry because he is growing up in a macho. Want to the two a more positive image of rappers are creating. The creators want the film, which is about vulnerability, uncertainty, and the relationship between men and women, including in detention centers and in schools.

Rasskulz and Guides in the future in multiple ways going to try to be rappers in a positive way to bring attention.

Guides broke last year with the stage adaptation of the French hit film Intouchables. The actor played alongside Huub Stapel, starring in the hitvoorstelling.

Macho Wednesday morning launched on YouTube.

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