Rapper Kempi converted to islam

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Rapper Kempi has Tuesday in the Selimiye Mosque in Haarlem, the netherlands converted to islam. He has the shahadah, the islamic testimonial, pronounced, as the chairman of the Stichting as-Salaamah wal’Adaalah know on Twitter.

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Nourdeen Wildeman writes with a picture in which he used the rapper can be seen in the mosque: “Alhamdoulilah, ” rapper Kempi’, yesterday, the shahadah is pronounced and is thus islam entered. This means for him and for us, that we no longer have to look back but look to the future.”

With that look back refers Wildeman undoubtedly the jail sentence, the rapper last month imposed. For abuse of his ex-girlfriend and threatening with a weapon got Kempi a term of imprisonment of two months, of which fifty days conditionally. Earlier he was arrested for, among other loverboypraktijken.

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