Puigdemont will on 18 February to take an oath in Brussels

ce271bd961d6d7f591fe005aa2602a83 - Puigdemont will on 18 February to take an oath in Brussels

Marketed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont calls for two Catalan governments: one locally and one in Brussels. On February 18, wants Puigdemont in Brussels to take an oath as the leader of that ‘second’ government. On 21 or 22 February would then in Barcelona a deputy to take an oath.

Puigdemont calls, therefore, for two governments, one in exile and one in Barcelona. Puigdemont proposes the creation of a ‘Consell de la República’ (literally: council of the republic), which he is led and of which the inauguration on 18 February takes place through a meeting of elected officials. That ceremony will take place in Brussels.

A few days later the plant Puigdemont still an investiture in the Catalan parliament in Barcelona. Because he realizes that this is not evident (he will be arrested as soon as he set foot on Spanish soil, red.), he proposes to have someone of his party JxCat to appoint as deputy. Who that will be is not yet published.

According to an internal document of the party CUP, the newspaper La Vanguardia received, there would be a wetshervorming on the agenda of the regioregering. This would Puigdemont yet from a distance can make the vow.

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