Prestigious Cornell university under fire for ’Pig Roast’

b02b1ddb7f180bf9b7e0bf8349a6fd94 - Prestigious Cornell university under fire for ’Pig Roast’

NEW YORK – The prestigious university of Cornell in New York is seriously troubled by their own student association. The jongeheren of Zeta Beta Tau held a ’contest’ among the members, called the Pig Roast. This kept the students points with regard to the number of students that they in bed were crawling and what weight it had.

The male studentensociëteit decided on their own initiative with the Pig Roast to start. New members had to sign when they bed shared with a student, because this resulted in points for the ’seksranglijst’. In case of a tie with another student, looking at ’who is the best partner, the bed had shared.” According to The New York Post, there was at the Zeta Beta Tau an omerta about the Pig Roast.

A university newspaper (uk), however, brought the matter to light. The administration had last year, various reports received, and also started an investigation. “Repulsive behavior that women dehumaniseert and contributes to a climate in which sexual abuse to be tolerated,” said Ryan Lombardi, the vice-rector of Cornell.


The leadership of the Kappa-section, where Zeta Beta Tau is one of them, says it never knew to have. “The described allegations are in conflict with the values and standards that we as Zeta Beta Tau embrace. We will not fail to identify those responsible and bring them out to the club to throw.”

Cornell, with more than 20,000 students, belongs to the Ivy League: eight of the elite universities of the United States. The club is now two years under the supervision of the university. The members will be required to participate in two workshops around sexual violence.

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