President signs Holocaustwet: say ” ’Polish camp’ more

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WARSAW – The Polish president Andrzej Duda has a controversial Holocaustwet signed the offence to the term “Polish death camps”.

Poland frustrated them: concentration camps of the nazis are routinely as “Polish camps” translated, because they are in Polish territory were. But the country is just a victim, wants Poland to emphasize.

The country had the most deaths in the Second world War, but young people who use the term ’Polish camps’ to hear, to associate the nazi horrors with the Polish people. According to the government.

The Polish senate approved the law, which led to a crisis with Israel, last week, all good. The law regulates the criminal approach of people who say that Poland was complicit to the war crimes of nazi Germany. They can be imprisoned for up to three years.

Enough space for another sound?

Critics fear that the proposal that the freedom of expression to the tyres, and that the law is abused to Poland who were involved in the Persecution of the jews to exonerate. Poland has a history of Hatred and pogroms, and some historians, such as Jan Tomasz Gross suggest that Poland, more Jews were killed than Germans’ – a controversial claim, but one for which space should be, say the critics.

Itself try, the government especially the many ’Righteous among the Nations’ on a pedestal. These are the Poles that Jews helped during the Holocaust. The strategy has an underlying thought: if Poland is seen as a compassionate country, other countries will be more inclined to help them as soon as Russia attacks, let a minister once and lost.

And admittedly: the most heroic helpers with the honorary title ’Righteous among the Nations’ come from Poland, while the Netherlands on the second place.

Last word

Duda explains the law to the constitutional court. That may still decide that the text needs to be adjusted.

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