“Pope was at the height of child abuse’

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A letter from 2015, is in the hands of the American news agency Associated Press, takes pope Francis seriously embarrassed. He contradicts everything what the church father has recently claimed about the abuse by catholic clergy.

The pope had last month during a trip to Latin America, the Chilean bishop Barros defended against allegations that he pedofilieschandalen of the clergy in the cover up had stopped. The pope called it blasphemy and said that there was no evidence against bishop Barros. He also said that he that never victims had arrived.

The opposite appears true. In 2015, the pope, through cardinal Sean O’malley, adviser of the pope over approach of child abuse, a detailed letter about child abuse. Victim Juan Carlos Cruz went on in the letter extended to abuse by the Chilean priest Fernando Karadima.

The Chilean bishop Juan Barros of the abuse on the height, but refused anything to do, so state in the letter mentioned. Now it is of course possible that cardinal Sean O’malley is not his word has been taken and the letter was never delivered. The American cardinal insists that he has done. However, if he is lying, it is again clear that the pope is incomplete and defective information, such as the Italian journalist Massimo Franco recently suggested.

It is also possible that the pope, the letter indeed had been given, but the complicity of bishop Juan Barros prefer to cover up stops. In that case, would the pope have lied, what is much worse is.

The pope made last week, announced that he, archbishop Charles scicluna worked, the main expert of the Vatican in the area of sexual abuse, to Chile afvaardigt to an investigation.

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