Police keep ’poepwacht’ with detainee

b72cb260a7e5c5302568c08955100ac7 - Police keep ’poepwacht’ with detainee

ESSEX – A suspected drug dealer from the Uk in Essex who has a bag of drugs in his body hides, has, since his arrest three weeks not pooped. He refuses to go to the restroom, according to the police. Agents now have to ’poepwacht ” at the detainee.

The Public Prosecutor gave the police permission to take hold of him, just as long until he is the big message on the toilet was going to do. Originally a maximum of 190 hours, but the man refuses to eat and accepts that he only way should be if he is to go to the toilet.

“#Howlongcanyougo”, tweeted the police On Raptor West than even after day four. When the detainee now a week had been sitting, was the court requested to take him longer to hold. “The only one that stops is the suspect himself,” said the court.

After six days without pooping, tweeted the police again, now with hashtag #poowatch. On day 16 was the police again delayed the court. On day nineteen, the police got somewhat frustrated. “The man seems not to understand that he, however, will have to go.”

Last Tuesday – with thousands of followers – tweeted the Raptor West police again. “Still no change. #poowatch.”

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