Pia Douwes is transgender

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Actress Pia Douwes is in may in Vienna, a solo performance play about a transgender person who is on the verge of surgery to undergo and a woman.

Ein Wenig Farbe is written by the Belgian scriptwriter Rory Six, with whom he writes rather a show made about a woman who was suffering with cancer. It is intended that in the future Ein Wenig Farbe is translated to a Dutch version.

“It is a special place for me written presentation, which consists of scenes and music,” said Douwes in an interview on NPO Radio 5. “I’m going to play different roles. Not only the woman herself, but also the son, the mother and wife of the transgender. We are going for the next two months to work.” The actress is going to prepare with psychologists to talk to and has a conversation with a transgender woman. Douwes calls the show “very real.”

The topic of transgender people was the last weeks in the Netherlands and Belgium a lot of attention. The Flemish VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck presented himself as a woman. The joke that voetbanalist René van der Jibe at Football Inside about made, led to many angry responses. Sponsors of the program, and political parties being RTL and the program and called the display “shameless” and “tasteless.”

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