Participant Delay of Execution responding to the commotion

17259aec67127c20bbc9dea949e5e77e - Participant Delay of Execution responding to the commotion

Karin, who Tuesday night was the stay of Execution, has responded to all the commotion that arose after the broadcast. She was on social media with the ground, because many viewers felt that they are ungrateful for the help the program offered.

Karin let us know freaked to have all the responses. “I want to stress that I never be ungrateful to me for all the help and effort that everyone has committed. Without them, I was never really saved.” According to her she has in emotion responded. “My expectations and what I for the new residents had in mind did not fully meet the reality. After calm had descended, I have once again the house with Martijn viewed. I can not say anything else than that they have a beautiful house.”

In the broadcast was to see that Karin was not happy with the work of the klusteam. So she mentioned that it was “not her taste” and accused them of the fact that there are still some baseboards were missing. “I’m actually bloedchagrijnig”, as she closed her complaint.

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