Pa Affleck: ’disgusting Hollywood gave Ben addiction

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Life in the spotlight has a heavy bill of exchange drawn on Ben and Casey Affleck. That claims to be their father, Timothy, in an interview in the British Grazia magazine.

“I think that’s a big factor in the drinking problem of Ben,” said the 74-year-old. “You’ll be forced to give you a image to measure that is difficult for you to shake off when you go to your family home. It changes your whole life. I think that’s one of the hazards of the film industry.” Timothy is not a fan of Hollywood; he calls it “a disgusting place”.

Pa Affleck also puts his hand in his bosom as to the addiction of Am. He himself has also a drankverleden. “I was for many years a chronic, severe alcoholic. I need to heal and thankfully that succeeded. Ben is also seriously started to kick the habit, he wants to have a balanced life, and there he is.”

Both brothers have in recent time accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. Ben offered his apologies after an MTV presenter, had announced that he had ever in her breast grip. Casey bought a lawsuit around sexual harassment. On those allegations wants Timothy to not respond. “That you need to ask them. Both are sweet, good men. I can guarantee that they women be good to them. After more than forty years, you know your children.”

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