’Mattie, where is your Tesla?’

0968564106bd060e4e743d20cfe35f31 - ’Mattie, where is your Tesla?’

Mattie does everyone on his Instagram the greetings from the A4. Yes, there he stood Wednesday afternoon with bad luck along the way: flat tire.

Followers recommend Mattie to not have to wait for the ANWB, but just myself, and that strap replaced. “Even I, as a pregnant walrus can replace a tire,” says a fan. The picture of the car calls wisecracking responses. “Tesla”, quipped someone. And some ask themselves, when they see the BMW: “Where is your Tesla?”.

A quarter of an hour later turns out that there is help come, and is also immediately clear why the radio dj still do not have the hands out of the sleeves has put into it. “Update: I have no spare wheel,” writes Mattie with a second post showing the car to the rear of a trailer is to be driven. “I go now with Nothing to service center Ypenburg for a new band!”

The much talked about Tesla was the radio dj in 2017, together with a amount of six tons, reason why QMusic to continue, at the expense of its previous joint decision to radiocompagnon Wietze de Jager over to Sky Radio.

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