Martijn Krabbé is ’ungrateful’ contestant

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Martijn Krabbé has responded to all the commotion that has arisen around the controversial episode of stay of Execution on the night of Tuesday. Contestant Karin was on social media with the ground, because many viewers felt that they are ungrateful for the help that the tv program, her had commanded. Incorrectly, as the presenter: “I understand her very well.”

The presenter tells RTL that he understands why Karin is so reacted. “Look, I had, of course, as many people in the first instance something like this: gosh, what a strange comment is this. But as I continue through the house, walked with her, I understood really well what was going on. It was not so much ingratitude, but just blind panic. What you often see in people who say the grip or control over their lives a bit lose, is that they are also the list really is lost. Then it becomes a chaos and you go right to the details of the watch. For me, the work at that time, but for her it is really so important that the house is properly sold. They went at that time to doubt that the décor and finish, however, would result in a good sale. I understand then that panic.”

In stay of Execution to see how Karins whole apartment was renovated, to make it as good as possible, to be able to sell. As Krabbé her then takes in the ’new’ house, it is the presenter that Karin is not happy with the end result. “It’s not my taste”, she knows just. Despite the hard work of the klusteam, that is literally the whole apartment took on, it is the participant that there is still some touch missing. “I’m actually bloedchagrijnig.”

Then arose on social media a lot of fuss and it was the 41-year-old Karin to the ground. As someone wrote on Twitter: “You all would be there again from them! What a dragon…” Today let Karin know freaked to have all the responses. “I want to establish that I never be ungrateful to me for all the help and effort that everyone has committed. Without them, I was never really saved.”

The participant adds that they are in emotion has responded. “My expectations and what I for the new residents had in mind did not fully meet the reality. After calm had descended, I have once again the house with Martijn viewed. I can not say anything else than that they have a beautiful house.”

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