Man, called Sinterklaas, to kill, to be continued

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Commotion in the Netherlands around Sinterklaas, but this time it has nothing to do with Zwarte Piet: justice is doing a criminal investigation of a man who called to the goedheilige man during the national entry to kill, ‘so that all children are witnesses”.

The suspect, Michael Z., is the leader of the ultra-left activist group The Grey Century, writes The Telegraph. At the end of October called Of Z. on Facebook in no uncertain words to santa Claus to kill.

‘Is nothing else on.. we need a price on the head of santa Claus, ” began the man, his message. ‘Double price if it’s in the national entry is so that all of the children testify to this, even massively under his brain and bone chips covered sit. So, without a doubt, dead meat. For example, the NPO (Dutch Public Broadcasting system, ed.) no nonsense story hanging with a new year, and we are for the good of that party.’

Racist and colonial symbols

The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office confirms to The Telegraph that there is a criminal investigation into the matter. A spokesman calls it ‘a shocking case’.

In a report from 2017 purview of the Dutch National Coordinator for counter-Terrorism and Security action group as an ultra-left anti-racist movement. “They are fighting against (in their eyes) racist, and colonial symbols in the Dutch society.’

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