Maarten Heijmans did auditions in Hollywood

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Actor Maarten Heijmans has after winning the Emmy for Ramses for a while, tried foot to the floor to get into Hollywood. So did he audition for a Netflix movie.

But Maarten didn’t want to give up everything in the Netherlands and was afraid that he was in America only but to a lesser reels would go get it, he said Wednesday in an interview on NPO Radio 1. “Many Dutch people do now all the beautiful things in America,” he said. “I also have a few auditions done and with castingmensen spoken. But that was it.”

Heijmans did more audition for a sf movie from Netflix. “I sat last night on Netflix watching a movie about a space station, pretty mediocre,” said he. “And I thought: this is so well known for. When I reminded me that I two years back audition had done for that movie, and the scenario had already read.”

Mediocre shit

It was one of the first auditions that he is after winning his Emmy for Ramses did. “I was really very excited, I thought,” I get a chance to win a role in a Netflixfilm!’. But in the U.S. is of course also a lot of mediocre shit. It sounds very horny, filmmaking in America. But I especially want to make good things. I especially want to play in place of auditions. And in the Netherlands, I can wonderful things to do, for here are the wonderful things created.”

Also told Heijmas very happy with his tenure at Toneelgroep Amsterdam. “As a freelancer you must do your own search for a way. I find it very nice to now be part of a larger whole. To be with a group with a larger thought, a series of performances.”

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