Lung cancer changed life Cilly Dartell

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At Cilly Dartell is in 2016 lung cancer detected. The presenter says that her life has changed. “I have until now never in interviews talked about, and it’s now back very well with me.”

In conversation with Story , tells the 60-year-old presenter, that every smoker can recommend really to stop. “I’m twelve years ago, after about a hundred and fifty attempts to stopped smoking. If I hadn’t done that, I was probably not more.”

Currently Dartell, who for many years was seen as the presenter of Hart van Nederland and Shownieuws, her life a 9. She now lives in the United States with her husband Jan. “I now live and enjoy every moment. I’m happy and price me rich with the life that I lead.”

The presenter is proud of what she’s up to now in her life. “I have done what I wanted. I have two fantastic boys in the world and I am now a supertrotse grandmother of two beautiful grandsons.”

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