Luk Alloo the night with webcamgirl

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“In Flanders, says an unwritten rule that after 22 hours not allowed to ring the bell in people.” So excuses Luk Alloo himself when he for Alloo in the Night comes to a couple’s Ghent students. On average, 635.000 viewers – good for 23,7% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +5) – followed Luk last week during his nightly quest for remarkable stories. Which he finds in episode 5 in bingewatcher Shari and webcamgirl Ashley.

In the Mole falls Luk at the wedding of Kristof and his Italian wife Sara. Just before midnight, the couple is just on their first dance. Still, the music is just dimmed for a conversation with Luk. Afterwards, pull the reporter to Antwerp, where Shari him an insight into its nightlife. “I look at night to movies and series. Just because I have time for it. Depending on how many episodes I watch, I sleep 3, 4 or maximum 5 hours. It was all for me to 22h30 started and to 7 hours noticed that it was light and I bed freely. You can safely say that I’m addicted.”

After midnight is also Ashley is still busy at work. “I am a real nachtmeid”, she shares. “I’m already more than 18 years webcamstriptease and I am also active as a porno. I have my hobby as my profession and enjoy the attention. Logging in will cost customers about 99 cents per minute. I usually start around 22-23 hours and go to the less crowded it is. That can take 4 or 5 hours.”

On the Antwerp-Kiel runs to Luk at dawn along with a few employees of a visgroothandel. “I’m the night much quieter than during the day”, says the there. “Then there is less people, I can make my own beat and everything goes smoothly.” Of Antwerp Luk to Ghent, where he at midnight the door to the students during the block. “Now just sleep and 2 hours stand up to repeat it”, sounds. End do Luk in a Aalsters night restaurant, where the late may dinner. “Our clientele consists of people who work at night or go out. Before, we were up to 8 hours open, but that was unsustainable. I have kids and must be able to continue to combine.”

Alloo In the Night, Thursday at 21.40 on VTM.

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