Japanese princess Mako sets huwelijksplannen from

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Japanese princess Mako has her engagement and her wedding plans with her fellow student Kei Komuro postponed. According to the imperial palace, there is not enough time to prepare. The couple wanted to on march 4, leaves and on november 4, marry. And will not now for 2020 take place, only after her grandfather, the emperor royal highness akihito, abdication and his son Naruhito him is followed. The emperor wants to own wish on 30 april 2019 abdication to do, and, as the first mikado, in 200 years, who in life and well-being resign.

His 26-year-old granddaughter, Mako left through the palace to know that she is postponing her huwelijksplannen regrets. She and her equally old friend Komuro was a bit of a rushed work, the sounds in the media-quoted statement. Mako and Komuro had each other years ago through a friend at the International Christian University (ICU) to know. The couple had in september last year the engagement was announced, that on 4 march of this year during a traditional ceremony had to be sealed.

The daughter of prince Akishino, the younger son of the emperor royal highness akihito (83) and second in the line of succession to the throne, and his wife, Kiko, is by marriage with a citizen is a private person. That provides the imperial legislation for women. It is expected that the emperor royal highness akihito to the wedding of his granddaughter at the classy Imperial Hotel in Tokyo will attend – something in modern Japan never has happened before.

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