Italian couple funds world tour with pornofilmpjes

b8523f5ae05dc5c8223e1305253081e7 - Italian couple funds world tour with pornofilmpjes

Amsterdam – world trip going to cost money. A lot of money. Many people therefore choose to while traveling here and there at work. So also the Italian set Kim (23) and Paolo (28). However, they have a remarkable way found to be travelling at to earn: the couple films themselves during sex and post the videos on their own site.

Kim and Paulo, who themselves describe as ’profiled swingers, met through a mutual knowledge. “We were at a party of a friend and are with the three of them in bed already. Since that night Paolo and I are inseparable, ” says Kim, the British newspaper The Sun.

The two put their encounters from the start with a camera. Both of them had the desire to be in the porn industry to get started and on a evening they decided a movie online to throw. they sell movies and photos via their own website. The cheapest clips costs four euro. The more there is to see, the higher the price. Subscribers can also enjoy special bonus features, such as making-of videos and ’behind the scenes’videos.

The porn couple, that also through their Instagram account spicy photos and videos to share, is not shy to film locations. Kim and Paolo are in the meantime already in Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Greece and Montenegro and travel currently by Argentina. Because they are often in public places filming, they were already arrested twice, in Italy and France. “In Italy, we were caught in the car. We had 80 euro fines to pay, but we got the footage.”

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