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Indoor Red Lions start world cup with defeat against Austria

8cb943334bcb0d80dba49aab5ca101c2 - Indoor Red Lions start world cup with defeat against Austria

The Indoor Red Lions have Wednesday in their first match of the group stage of the world cup indoorhockey in Berlin, 2-7 lost to Austria, the number 2 in the world and reigning vice-world champion. Last year, in the final of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Antwerp, played Belgium 4-4 equal against Austria, before they crashed down in the shoot-outs.

Just as in Antwerp, encountered the Belgians faced difficulties in the match. So it was Austria an early lead, after goals from Körper (0-1) and Eitenberger (0-2). It took a moment before Belgium game found. A good calculated action of Tanguy Zimmer (7th) gave the “Indoor Red Lions,” a moment of hope. A moment later, Belgium was given the chance to equalize on a penalty corner, but the attempt turned to nothing.

After the break repeat the history itself. Again it was Körper that is doubled for the European champion and vice-world champion. Gaëtan Dykmans closed the gap with his goal. The Belgian hope was in vain when Körper a few seconds later, his third of the match made. Just seven minutes later, wrote the same Körper a fourth goal to his name. Uher and Benjamin Stanzl continue to the end of the contest the final score on the board: 2-7.

In the other matches of group B overklaste Iran Switzerland with 5-1 and domindeerde Russia South Africa (5-0).

For Belgium, it is the first time that it participates in this tournament, that’s a total of twelve participating countries are there. Our country, the number 16 on the world ranking, is aiming for the top 6.

The boys of coach Alexandre de Chaffoy play Wednesday at 22:05, against Iran (FIH-7). Afterwards, meet the Indoor Red Lions still Russia (FIH-4), Switzerland (FIH-8) and South Africa (FIH-12).

The first four teams from the group stage go through to the quarter finals, who on Friday night will take place. The semifinals go on Saturday. The final is on Sunday settled.

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