Ilse was ’strontnerveus’ for acting debut

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Ilse DeLange has for the first time, details are revealed about her role in the American series Nashville. The singer plays a member of the jury of a talent show, as she revealed in The World Runs By.

“Now I have two episodes filmed. I felt like Alice in Wonderland,” says Ilse, who in december announced that her debut was going to make. “I still can’t believe that I am here between those trailers over and I’m going there one with my name on it. I was strontnerveus of course.”

For her part didn Ilse, incidentally, is not very deep. “I play a member of the jury of a talent show, just as my work in The Voice of Holland,” she says. “I am a kind of imprisonment: one of the candidates, and help her find her way in the music world.”


Ilse will soon return to America for another two episodes. Or they then even longer to see, but it is not yet known. “That is a bit on the storyline and if they like it.” The singer has, in any case, her calendar is blocked for the case that the creators of Nashville, a longer storyline in store for her.

For Ilse, it means the show is also a little self-promotion, because she is also singing to hear. She was her number, Love Goes On, from the first The Common Linnets-the album, at this location. “A minute twenty in it! Good, eh!”, said the proud singer.

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