“I couldn’t believe it, but I’m giving birth in the hallway of the hospital’

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The birth of an American woman was not without a hitch. When Jes Hogan rushed to the hospital, they hoped at least to be in the delivery room to get. Eventually she gave birth in the ziekenhuisgang.

“I had already known what labor had. But suddenly, I felt a bizarre, long woe, ” says Isaiah to Buzzfeed, when they think back to the hours before the birth. “It was not painful, but I felt that it was super uncomfortable. I realized it right away. I have been in the dark to my husband seized him, and called that it was time.’ The couple rushed to the hospital, but they were not fast enough.

In the hallway on the way to the delivery room could Jes no longer walk. The birth was set in motion. The photographer had just arrived, nicely in time to this unique picture.

The nurses and midwives helped Jes to ensure that she is still the best could help in the predicament. “I could but barely believe it and continued to myself, but courage to say,’ says Jes.

And her husband? “That remained the whole time quietly. I felt so safe in his arms, while he was still a slight grin on his face. I am never more in awe of him. Or so in love with him. The peace he exuded kept me calm.’

For Jes it well and knew it was her son there. “I couldn’t believe it, but I had given birth in the hallway of the hospital.’ Max was healthy and the midwife was him on the abdomen of his mother, while she and her colleagues called to ask for the new father, the umbilical cord can be cut. With Max and mama all is going well.


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Tammy Kelly, the photographer of Little Leapling, shared some images on her social media. “It should be obvious: a birth is really unpredictable. I am every time on the biggest surprise prepared. But these pictures are so unique: a one-time event in my life, ” she says gratefully.

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