Hendrik Vos: German agreement ‘not a big turnabout for European policy’

68c4cf04a0e3447cf977582d56a7c6ed - Hendrik Vos: German agreement ‘not a big turnabout for European policy’

The arrival of a new German government will not result in any major changes in the EU policy lead, so think professor of European politics Hendrik Vos (UGent). “I don’t expect a big turnaround. Also a minister with a pronounced European profile as Martin Schulz will do nothing to change”, sounds Wednesday.

The christian democratic CDU/CSU and the social democratic SPD have Wednesday the coalitiegesprekken for the formation of a German government ended. They have reached an agreement on the formation of a ” Grosse Koalition’.

Germany together with France seen as the main driving force of the European Union. But still expected to professor Fox that the changes in Germany, the EU, and by extension for Belgium, major consequences will have. That has more to do with the fact that the new German government composed of the same parties will exist as the previous one.


‘Moreover it is rather a marriage of convenience between the parties, that together should, but without great enthusiasm, ” says Fox. ‘The text of the agreement is also rather vague and I don’t see any grand visions. I therefore expect especially a lot of continuity.’

That Martin Schulz (SPD), the former president of the European Parliament, the next minister of Foreign Affairs in Germany, according to Fox, nor is it a major change happen. ‘Schulz is perhaps someone with a pronounced European profile, but he remains ultimately a German. Also he will be so not just with one stroke, everything can change, ” he says. ‘That we will also see in the negotiations about the brexit. The decisions are located at such a high level, that the knot is not by Schulz only will be made. Also German chancellor Angela Merkel will this action too.’

According to Vos, is it possible that the new German government less emphasis will be put on the budgetary discipline of the EU countries. ‘But that mainly has to do with the economic situation’, as it sounds.

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