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Ghent West, Orange is best

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The new fiction series ‘Ghent West’, from tonight, to view Four, seems to be on ‘Orange is the new black’, but is a remake of an Australian series, which itself harks back to an idea from the 70’s. Nothing new under the dash is the sun that through the bars.

A woman, mid-thirties, and clean on appearance, she is something of which they were in prison land. Here she comes in contact with women whose existence they previously could hardly have imagined …

A woman, mid-thirties, and clean on appearance, she is something of which they were in prison land. Here she comes in contact with women whose existence they previously hardly could have imagined: criminal psychopates, crazed drug addicts, damaged kindvrouwtjes, aggressive lesbians with opgeschoren her and a skilled tattooed stierennek. Initially, this woman was the plaything of the anciens in the prison, that her use in their mutual power struggle. But gradually, it emerged they are to a bright leiderstype, with whom not to be pushed around.

That is the pitch of Ghent, West, the new fiction series made in the order of Four, which previously was shown to Play More of Telenet. .

Why would I want to look, you will raise. That is the same pitch as that of Orange is the new black, the Netflix series to the autobiographical book by Piper Kerman? Kerman is a young woman from a family of lawyers, doctors and teachers who fell in love with the wrong woman and a year and a half in the cell for the laundering of drug money. Initially, the blond Piper at the mercy of the anciens in the prison, that her use in their mutual power struggle. But in the course of… You guessed it a sequel.

‘Ghent West’ is a remake of the Australian ‘Wentworth’. © rr

In Ghent West is called the Piper with service Veronique. She has dyed red hair and with verve, played by Ruth Becquaert. Veronique is a hairdresser that the terror of her violent husband is sick and him during yet another brutal rape of a stallion sells with a glass ashtray. Then she tries his suicide to stage, what failed, the ploert survives it. In anticipation of her trial, she sits in pretrial between women who she never in her salon saw, if only because they do not have a clipper had.

Pee on the floor

Veronique immediately becomes the plaything of two old-hands, who with their respective constituencies to the power in the prison fight. One is Sam, a young, handsome, and everything a lot of enthusiastic lesbian/murderess, authentically interpreted by the revelation of this series, Charlotte Anne Bongaerts. The other Cat, the older, ruthless gangstervrouw less credible played by the hopelessly wrong gecaste Gilda De Bal. Furthermore, we see a lot of archetypes from Orange return: the incorrigible heroin addict, the young caring mother, the good-natured old like a mother hen over her fellow prisoner mercy on the insane that for introduction on the floor peeing.

‘Orange is the new black’: a kijkcijferhit of Netflix. © rr

Ghent West also has all the look and feel of Orange is the new black. The atmosphere in the prison, the beige uniforms with white sleeves underneath, even the begingeneriek and the kenwijsje (to the singer, who sounds like Regina Spector), everything is recognizable.

Messing around with Tatyana

Yet, Ghent West based not on Orange . It is a remake of Wentworth, an Australian series. That is at the same time, but completely detached from Orange . The series is in Australia very popular, last week is the fifth season started. It is also an international success: Wentworth is sold in ninety countries, there are already remakes made in Germany and the Netherlands, and now also with us.

Notable: Wentworth is actually a remake of another Australian series, Prisoner, which in the early 80s was to be seen, and in which a young woman, mid-thirties, and clean of prevent… You know the story in the meantime. Wentworth places the same characters just in a more modern prison, and makes everything more explicit: the language, the violence, the sex.

Another remarkable fact: the eighties-a series of Prisoner was, in its turn, based on Within these walls, a British tv series from the early 70s – though it was more from the point of view of the guards than of the residents written. Nevertheless: the idea for the latest Flemish fiction series is roughly a half a century old.

‘Prisoner’, the Australian series in which ‘Wentworth’ is a remake is. © rr

That does not need to be a good idea not wear out. And Wentworth and Orange is the new black” have been acclaimed, especially press viewed series. Here is the key to their success: they serve all audiences, because they are both a feminist as sexist: women look at it because it’s about strong women, for men, as in each episode a explicit lesbian seksscène. Also in Ghent West: who dreams of Charlotte Anne Bongaerts see messing around with Tatyana Beloy, know where to go.

‘Lost in translation’

Unfortunately Ghent West absolutely not match Orange is the new black, and not to Wentworth, which the so a remake is. The director leaves little stitches fall, but the actors are left to their fate. There is clearly something lost in the translation: the dialogues are at times so unnatural written that only rasactrices as Becquaert, Bongaerts and also Els Olaerts (in the role of mother hen Anja) get away with playing. It is telling that even experienced klasbakken as Inge Paulussen and Veerle Dobbelaere not managed to keep. Allow us that a shameful waste of talent to be found.

Ghent West, every Wednesday, at Four, at 21.35 hours.

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