Frank Masmeijer again single

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The relationship between Frank Masmeijer and Jaimy van Lent is over. Christmas would be the bomb already cracked and the blonde is completely finished with the former presenter. “Frank is lying all together. He is a narcissist.”

Where Masmeijer than about lying, wants, Jaimy will not be lost. Or threatens them information about him to reveal. “It is time that he boetekleed attracts, because otherwise I do a book open. As he himself on the bridge and sorry, says, I leave everything to rest.”

Also let them know that they are “disrespectful” by him has been treated. “He has an angry drink, and behind my back he had contact with other women. Something like that is not something you do with someone that you have always supported.”

Masmeijer let the AD know not to recognize in the story of his ex. “The girl is upset about that the relationship not continue. I find it very sad that the media in this way, manny.”

Private knew last year the relationship between Jaimy and the cases presenter to reveal. Long loved these so not stand. Masmeijer got last year to eight years in prison and a fine of 48,000 euros imposed for his share in the import of a large batch of cocaine through the port of Antwerp

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