’EU-date Balkans, it is inconvenient’

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BRUSSELS – The call of 2025 as a possible date of accession to the European Union of six Balkan countries is very unwise. Find out that the VVD, CDA, D66 and the PvdA in the European Parliament.

The European Commission presented yesterday a strategy for the western Balkans. Serbia and Montenegro are negotiating with the EU about accession, but also Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia aces membership.

In theory, it can last for decades before a country meets all the requirements. But EU-buitenlandchef Mogherini and Commissioner Hahn (Expansion) like the gas, already taken away they, the countries also lot their best will need to do.

“I am opposed to the mention of dates. With Romania and Bulgaria (which joined in 2007, red.) we have a lot in the fingers cut”, says DUTCH Mep Hans van Baalen. “In practice, a target date is a political fact.”

According to CDA Member of the european parliament Esther de Lange works the mention of a date misery in the hand. “Government can no more return,” she says.

The four parties believe that the countries in the long term should be able to join, mainly because of the geopolitical importance. But first of all toetredingshoofdstukken neatly and without time constraints need to be finished. “The Balkans should remain stable and not too much under the influence of the Kremlin hit,” says D66, Member of the european parliament Marietje Schaake.

Labour party Mep Paul Tang stressed that as a leader Serbia is still a long way to go. “There are still a lot of problems with the independence of the rule of law and freedom of the press. Good relations with neighbouring Kosovo are also a requirement for membership.”

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